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Ultrafast Laser Preparation Helps Break The Limit Of SERS Detection

Sep 18, 2020

Recently, the team of Professor Minlin Zhong from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University used ultra-fast laser micro-nano manufacturing combined with chemical oxidation to prepare an ultra-sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate structure, achieving the world’s highest molar per liter (10-18mol). /L) Detection limit.

SERS is a phenomenon in which the Raman scattering signal of adsorbed molecules is greatly enhanced by the near-field local enhancement of the special nanostructures on the metal surface. It is a highly sensitive inspection method and can even realize single-molecule detection. It is widely used in molecular labeling. It is a high-throughput rapid detection method in the fields of immune detection, trace detection, cancer and virus detection, and in vivo detection.

The following is a schematic diagram of the ultrafast laser preparation of this SERS substrate:

Ultrafast laser preparation of superhydrophilic-superhydrophobic structure strategy