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TRUMPF Laser Releases Power Battery Laser Welding Technology

Mar 30, 2021

The German TRUMPF Group (TRUMPF) yesterday announced the ring-core adjustable galvanometer ultra-high-speed scanning welding technology at the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich. This technology can greatly improve the welding speed, welding quality and automation of the battery cell top cover in the power battery of new energy vehicles. Level, improve yield, reduce floor space, simplify the laser welding system, and greatly reduce the production cost of battery manufacturers. For a conventional cell, after using this technology, the total time of pre-welding and full welding can be controlled within 1 second.

The ring-core adjustable galvanometer ultra-high-speed scanning welding technology consists of five parts: visual positioning, scanning welding, ring-core adjustable welding technology (BrightLine Weld), welding penetration monitoring and post-weld surface quality monitoring. TRUMPF can provide this 5-part one-stop solution.

As the smallest component unit of the power battery, the battery cell can form a module, and the module can form a battery pack. The electric core is an electric energy storage unit and must have a high energy density to store as much electric energy as possible. The life of the battery cell is also the most critical factor. The damage of any battery cell may cause damage to the entire battery pack.

Which manufacturing method the battery uses is not only related to the quality of the battery itself, but also determines the manufacturing efficiency. Battery packs usually include a large number of cells, so it is particularly important to choose an efficient and stable manufacturing method.