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The First Train From Shenzhen To Duisburg: China-Europe Express-Bay Zone!

Aug 19, 2020

On the afternoon of August 18, with a loud whistle, the first train of the Shenzhen China-Europe Express "Bay Zone" slowly departed from the Pinghu South National Logistics Hub. It will depart from Alashankou and pass through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and other countries. It is expected to finally arrive in Duisburg, Germany in 16 days.

The goods transported by this train are mainly electronic products, household appliances, clothing, toys and masks, etc. The value of the goods is about 3.247 million US dollars. The whole transportation distance is 13,438 kilometers, and the whole journey takes 16 days.


According to the plan, one "Bay Zone" will be set off each week, and the frequency will be increased according to market demand.

The "Bay Zone" is based on the sense of a community of shared destiny advocated by the "One Belt, One Road" initiative of helping each other and sharing powers and responsibilities.

It has opened up a new life channel for the transportation of scarce supplies and daily necessities between the Shenzhen Bay Area and Europe.

In the future, Riselaser's customer friends can also choose to get your laser equipment by train.