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S&A Ultrafast Laser Chiller Made A Breakthrough

Sep 29, 2020

S&A Mechatronics has not stopped on the road of innovation. At an exhibition in Germany six years ago, it was seen that its counterparts had mastered high-precision and high-performance chiller equipment suitable for ultra-fast lasers, and its temperature control accuracy reached ±0.1°C. In the market at that time, only a few companies in Europe, the United States and Japan can do this technology in recent years. S&A realizes the gap with the international top technology and is determined to catch up with the international advanced level. In the past 6 years, S&A has been committed to the development of ultra-high temperature control precision chillers, and experienced two failures during this period. Finally, at the beginning of 2020, it successfully broke through this technology, achieved temperature control accuracy of ±0.1°C, and achieved stable and reliable technical indicators, and launched the CWUP-20 product along the way.



CWUP-20 is suitable for 20W ultra-fast solid-state laser cooling, including picosecond and femtosecond laser applications. Therefore, CWUP-20 is a veritable "ultrafast laser chiller". At present, the product is suitable for all brands of ultra-fast light sources, achieving high-precision ±0.1℃ temperature control technology, and convenient communication protocol connection.

With the diversification of ultrafast laser application types, powers and scenarios, S&A will keep up with the changes in market demand and make persistent efforts to launch suitable products in more power ranges and contribute to ultra-precision laser manufacturing.