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NEW PRODUCT: Vertical Laser Spot Welding Machine

Mar 07, 2021

Model Features:

1. One-piece design, built-in water tank, saving space. Casters help the machine to move easily.
2. Higher cooling rate to obtain weld structure and good welding effect.
3. Compared with resistance welding, laser welding does not use electrodes, thereby reducing working time and reducing costs.
4. The welding seam is thin, the depth is large, the taper is small, 
high precision, the appearance is smooth and beautiful.


This laser welding machine can be used in spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping and resizing of gold/silver/titanium/platinum jewelry and small accessories. Also widely used in aviation, aerospace, sports products, medical instrument, titanium alloy denture, instrument, electronics, machinery, automobile, etc.