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How To Solve The Problem Of Burrs When Laser Cutter Cuts Carbon Steel

Nov 13, 2019

Users of carbon steel laser cutting machines must know that carbon steel cutting process is much more complicated than stainless steel cutting process. When carbon steel laser cutting machine is used to process carbon steel, there may be many unexpected problems in operation, such as the bottom of the cutting surface. The phenomenon of burrs, incomplete cutting, and continuous cutting, among which burrs are the most prominent problem, let us analyze the reasons for what is caused.

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The carbon steel laser cutting machine has burrs at the bottom of the cutting surface during processing, which are caused by:

1. Focus issues. The focus of the laser is not correct and you can solve this problem by adjusting the focus.

2. Laser output power problem. First check whether the laser is normal. Under the premise of determining the normal operation of the laser, further check whether the output power of the laser matches the required power of the board. If it does not match, it needs to be adjusted.

3. Cutting speed problem. Too slow to cut can also cause burrs at the bottom of the cut surface, which requires faster cutting speeds.

4. Gas problems. The purity of the gas can also affect the quality of the cut. When the purity of the gas is insufficient, such problems can occur, and it is necessary to replace the gas with higher purity for cutting.

5. The problem of working hours of carbon steel laser cutting machine. When the machine has been working continuously for more than a certain period of time, such problems may occur. At this point, you need to restart the machine to try.

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