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How The Laser Marking Machine Blackened on The Metal Aluminum Surface

Jan 20, 2019

Ordinary laser marking machine in aluminum products mark can only hit gray or black gray text information, can really black aluminum is a special fiber laser marking machine, also known as the full pulse width laser marking machine.

This laser marking machine can directly turn aluminum into a black effect, magnesium aluminum, alumina, a variety of aluminum are common, the current market on the Apple phone shell or ipad shell behind the small words are useful for this fiber laser marking machine made out. The principle of the full pulse width laser marking machine is to use laser black special fiber laser output laser, high electro-optical conversion rate, small size, good beam quality, the use of pulse width adjustable mode, high can adjust the frequency to 400Khz, can directly put aluminum into a black effect. Therefore, the price of the full pulse width laser marking machine will be higher than the price of the ordinary laser marking machine.