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China-EU Investment Agreement

Jan 06, 2021

Recently, China and Europe completed the China-EU investment agreement negotiations on schedule, effectively reducing the destabilizing factors of investment in the EU, and also giving a boost to the global economy hit by the epidemic. As China and Europe continue to improve each other's market access environment, it will bring more investment opportunities for Chinese and European companies, and the investment hub in Eurasia will continue to strengthen in the future.

China-EU Investment Agreement

The signing of the China-EU Investment Agreement will promote the investment liberalization and facilitation of laser companies in China and Europe, and further promote the integration and innovation of laser technology between the two parties. It is of far-reaching significance for forming a complete industrial chain of laser technology and realizing independent research and development of high-end industrial laser equipment. In the future, as two major economies in the world, China and Europe will further deepen economic and trade cooperation and technological integration, promote the upgrading of laser manufacturing technology and industry in the two countries, and enhance the global competitiveness of domestic high-end laser manufacturing technology and equipment.