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Laser Welding Machine Price Competitive For Precise Jewelry Welding

Laser Welding Machine Price Competitive For Precise Jewelry Welding


Spot welding is an important and basic aspect of laser welding technology. When laser radiation heats the surface of work-piece, the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction and melts the work piece by controlling the width, energy

Product Description

The vertical jewelry laser spot welding machine is a laser welding equipment dedicated to the metal jewelry industry. It is mainly used for laser welding of gold jewelry, laser welding of silver jewelry, laser welding of titanium alloy jewelry, laser welding of stainless steel jewelry and manual laser welding of small metal parts. It has the characteristics of high welding accuracy, low energy consumption, firm welding, and small size.



Laser welding machine components

   Laser resonator (including resonator)

   Pump room

   Laser rod


   Resonance mirror

   Safety shutters

   Beam extension

   Power supply includes circuit breaker

   Power switch

   Emergency stop switch

   Motor protection switch

   Extra low voltage power supply 24 VDC

   Interface with hardware monitoring function

   light switch

   Industrial controller, used to set and display power, pulse duration, pulse frequency and external trigger via foot switch


   Internal water-air cooling system


laser welding machine application1


Q1:Who are you?

A1:We are the laser machines manufacturer in Shenzhen with long time production experience. 

Q2:Do you have an inspection procedure for the product?

A2:Yes,We have a strict inspection of product quality and packing.

Q3:Can you accept small quantity?

A3:Yes,small quantity accepts and quick delivery.

Q4: How to operate this machine after we bought from you? 

A4:We will provide manual and basic operate video for you. Also we are 24 hours online, You can contact us any time by any method.

Q5:How long is your delivery time?

A5:It is 5 working days generally,or it is 10-20 days when you customize the product.

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Laser Power200W
Laser WavelengthND:YAG /1064nm
Welding ModeSpot welding
Modulation Frequency<50HZ
Focal Spot Diameter0.1-1.5mm adjustable
Pulse Width1ms-20ms adjustable
Peak Energy60J
Welding Bath Depth0.05-2mm(epending on the material)
Observation MethodOptional microscope or CCD camera
Cooling ModeBuilt-in Chiller
ConsumablesXenon lamp, Protective lens, Water, Protective gas (or compressed air)
Power Consumption3KW
Power Requirement220V/ 50-60Hz
Dimension & Weight1120×680×1410mm & 120KG

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