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Gold Jewelry sopt Laser Welding Machine For Jewellery


Spot welder features
easy to operate
long service life
High safety
best welding point

Product Features

1. The welding point is tight, easy to operate, no maintenance, no filling materials

2. High stability, easy operation and long service life.

3. Equipped with CCD system, microscope system with 10 times magnification function to ensure precise welding

4. High safety, which can effectively protect the eyes of operators.

5. The best welding point has a symmetrical energy distribution.

spot laser details

Technical Datas

Laser TypeYAG
Laser power200W
Laser wavelength1064m
Gross Consumption9kw
Aiming PositionMicroscopy or ccd (Rorable 360°)
Cooling MethodBuilt-in Chiller
Protective Gas Single 1 (Argon)
Working Table Travel Route 200mm*200mm-1200mm*1200mm
Beam Size0.1-1.5mm adjustable
Adjustable Beam Size0.1-0.3mm
Pulse Width1ms-20ms adjustable


spot laser with CE approved

With CE approved

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