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200W YAG Automatic Spot Laser Welding Machine


Laser welding machine is mainly used in hole-filling of gold and silver ornaments, spot welding, joint repairing and flaw setting.

200W YAG Automatic Spot Laser Welding Machine


2.Product Introduction

1. CCD observation system: The operator can clearly observe the welding details.
2. Touch screen panel: It can adjust welding details, such as frequency, speed, laser output, etc.
3. Welding head: The welding head of the automatic welding machine can achieve uniform welding, stable performance and continuous laser discharge.
4. Laser source: The laser source can be matched with RAYCUS, IPG and other brands according to requirements, with stable performance and long service life.
5. Advanced chiller: good cooling effect, no noise, no pollution.
6. Four-axis linkage: not limited by the shape of welded parts.

Module way4-axis linkage
Work schedule200x200/300x300(optional)
System languageChinese/English
Electrical connectionsAC220/380V ± 5%, 50HZ / 60HZ
Working environmentTemperature≤40℃/Humidity< 90%
Equipment size1500x750x1200 mm


3.Main Advantages

1. Spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding and sealing welding can be performed on the workpiece;

2. Fast welding speed, high aspect ratio, small heat-affected zone and small deformation during welding;

3. The welding seam is smooth and beautiful, no need or simple treatment after welding;

4. Fully automatic welding, easy to operate, fast and efficient;

5. Consistency of welding effect from beginning to end;

6. It can precisely control the welding spot formed by each pulse energy to achieve the best welding effect.

4.Product Application

Suitable for welding or repairing various metal, alloy and steel molds.
(1) Kitchen and bathroom supplies: kettle, vacuum cup, stainless steel bowl, metal water pipe.
(2) Stainless steel products, golf heads, zinc alloy artwork.
(3) Aluminum alloy, laptop casing, mobile phone battery, electrical accessories, filters, nozzles.
(4) Fiber optic coupler, electron gun, capacitor, lithium ion battery, sensor, tungsten wire, high-power diode, etc.



Wooden case and plastic film.



Mold YAG Laser Welding Machine 5


1. What are the main functions of the laser welding machine?

Mainly for the welding of metal to replace the traditional argon arc and soldering.

2. What are the advantages of laser welding?

Laser welding has no requirements for technicians, it is quick to get started, there is no heat deformation after welding, and it can be used without polishing and grinding.
3: How can I use the machine, if I'm a new buyer?
We will deliver English manual and video with the machine to you. If you still need our help, please contact us.
4: How can I know your machine is designed for my product?
You can send us samples and we test it on the machine.

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Unit typeRL-Y200RL-Y300RL-Y400
Laser wavelength1064nm
Laser power200W300W400W
Beam diameter2.0 mm
Adjustable light spot±3.0mm
Pulse width0.1-15ms
Repetition frequency1.0~40.0Hz
A single point of energy60J70J80J
Overall power consumption3.5kW5kW6kW
Cooling systemWater cooling
Monitoring systemCCD Monitoring system
Control MethodCNC Control
Pump light sourceSingle lampDouble lightDouble light
Module way4 axis linkage
Work schedule
Manipulation languageChinese/English
Electrical connectionsAC220V ± 5%, 50HZ / 60HZAC380V ± 5%, 50HZ / 60HZAC380V ± 5%, 50HZ / 60HZ
Work environmentTemperature≤40℃/Humidity< 90%
Net weight350kg500kg500kg
Gross weight380kg540kg540kg

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