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Portable Handheld Metal Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Portable Handheld Metal Fiber Laser Welding Machine


Portable Handheld Metal Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Product Description

This hand-held welding gun replaces the previously fixed optical path, and the welding is flexible and convenient, and the welding distance is longer. This is a relatively flexible new welding process for welding large workpieces over a long distance.


1. The weld seam is smoothe and beautiful, it does not need to be polished or the  workboard of the polish is very small.

2. Through control the laser energy, the welding will not defrom or very few deformation.

3. Handheld  laser welding machine is easy to handle and no need of  professional welders.

4. The wobble welding machine can handle the hard welding material easily, such as aluminum, brass.

5. Long life span up to 100,000 hours and low comsumption.

6. the Auto wire feeding handheld welding machine can weld parts with wider gap.

7. With a 8-15m fiber line, It can weld long-distance and large-area parts.

8. Various welding processes, such as spot welding, seam welding and overlap welding. 

9. The welding efficiency is around 5 times of TIG welding.

Welding Video

Machine parts


Laser Welding Head
Smart high frequency swing welding head. 


Laser Source
Chinese top brand fiber laser source Max, Raycus or other brand.


Control Panel
Stable control system, with auto layout optimization.


Water Chiller
High cooling rate to protect the laser source.

Technical Parameters



Laser Wavelength


Laser Maximum Power


Total Power Consumption


Min line width


Cooling System

Water Cooling

Continous working time

24 Hours

Environment temperature


Power requirements

380V/3 Phases /50Hz or 60Hz

( 220V/ Single Phase/50 or 60Hz)

Welding inductions


Welding Samples

1. Welding materials: Fiber laser welding machine can be used to weld stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium, brass, titanium-gold, titanium-molybdenum, nickel-copper, etc.

2. Welding depth range: carbon steel 0.5-4mm, stainless steel 0.5-4mm, aluminum alloy 0.5-2mm, brass 0.5-2mm;





We cooperate with many shipping companies who have much experience in transportation.

Standard 3-layer export package:
1.Exterior: plywood package

2.Center: foam
3.Interior: waterproof film

1    4

After-sales Service:

1.We will supply instant online service to foreign customers. According to foreign customer's requirement, we are able to arrange for technicans to go abord to install or maintain the machine.

2.We offer free replacement within one year warranty if any damage under normal using condition.

3.We will offer software upgrade for free for life.

4.After the expiry of warranty, we can renew the warranty contract, which ensures the same service.

5.We will regularly evaluate the staff's service attitude to improve service quality.

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