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1500W Handheld Metal Fiber Laser Welding Equipment


1500W Handheld Metal Fiber Laser Welding Equipment Welding Video Product D etails Compared with the fixed type, the handheld welding gun is flexible and convenient in welding, and is not limited by the space of the workbench. This is a relatively flexible new welding process for welding large...

1500W Handheld Metal Fiber Laser Welding Equipment

Welding Video

Product Details

For welding stainless steel sheets, ferrous metal sheets, galvanized sheets, etc. materials, the laser device can replace the usual welding methods - argon, electric, etc. Laser welding machines can be used in virtually any field where metal welding is required.


1,High efficiency

Speed is faster than the traditional welding speed by more than two times.

2,High quality

Smooth and beautiful welding seam,without subsequent grinding, saving time and cost.

3,Low cost

80% to 90% power savings, processing costs are reduced by 30%.

4,Flexible operation

Easy operation,no need experience you can do a good job.

5.Unrestricted shape

Handheld welding can be used for square tube welding, round tube butt welding, plate tube welding and other requirements.

6.Easy Maintance

Laser welding has less consumables and long service life.Safer, more environmentally friendly.


Welding inductions



Application Industries:

Laser welding machine is widely used in the IT industry, medical equipment, communications equipment, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, battery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, craft gifts, household appliances manufacturing, tooling, gears, automobile shipbuilding, watches and clocks, jewelry and other industries. Machine shell sheet metal welding,Kitchen cabinets,staircase elevator,Food Machinery,shelf, oven,stainless steel door,window guardrail,distribution box,medical equipment,communications equipment,craft gifts,household and other industries.

Welding Samples

Laser welding can be used in welding stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium and other metals or alloys, can also be used for a variety of welding between different materials, such as: copper-brass, titanium-gold, Titanium-molybdenum, nickel-copper and so on.







Q1: What is the packaging?

Our packaging has 3 layers.

The outside is an inspection-free wooden box. The middle part is covered with foam to prevent the machine from shaking. The inner layer is made of plastic film for waterproofing.


Q2: How to install and run the computer?

Our technicians have installed the machine before shipment. A structure or video can be provided to teach how to install and operate the machine.


Q3: What should I do if there is any problem with the machine after ordering?

Our warranty period is 1 year!

If there is any problem with the machine, free parts will be sent to you during the machine warranty period. Free machine after-sales service, if you have any problems with your machine, please feel free to contact us.

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Technical Parameters



Laser Wavelength


Laser Maximum Power


Total Power Consumption


Min line width


Cooling System

Water Cooling

Continous working time

24 Hours

Environment temperature


Power requirements

380V/3 Phases /50Hz or 60Hz( 220V/ Single Phase/50 or 60Hz)

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