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1500W Continuous Fiber Laser Welding /Soldering Machine For Stainless Steel


Laser welding machine is mainly used in hole-filling of gold and silver ornaments, spot welding, joint repairing and flaw setting.

1500W Continuous Fiber Laser Welding /Soldering Machine for Stainless Steel



2.Product Introduction

Compared with YAG laser, RL-F series fiber laser has large depth and good strength in continuous welding. It is suitable for most welding fields, such as: tablet computers, automobiles, kitchenware, bathware, hardware, household appliances and many other industries. The equipment has the characteristics of no consumables, long service life, and low failure rate, and has gradually become popular in the welding industry.


3.Main Advantages

1. Continuous welding, with large welding seam aspect ratio, small taper, and the welding appearance is smooth and beautiful;

2. Excellent beam quality and high precision;

3. Simple debugging, no consumables, high stability;

4. Energy saving: The electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 20%, which saves equipment energy consumption and reduces operating costs;

4.Application and samples

Suitable for welding optical communication equipment, smart watch metal connectors, manual accessories, battery shells, fiber optic couplers, kinescope electron guns, microelectronic components, etc.

Continuous welding and cutting of various metal plates (copper, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, low carbon steel).

It can also continuously scribe, cut and perforate non-metallic materials such as ceramics and silicon wafers.



Wooden case and plastic film.



Mold YAG Laser Welding Machine 5


Q1. How to get the most suitable machine and the best price?

Please tell us what material you are dealing with and what is the maximum size of the material? We will recommend the most suitable model for you and provide the best price.

Q2. What if we don't know how to use the machine?

We will send you manuals and guide videos in English, which can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can't learn how to use it, we are willing to provide online help, for example, we can talk via phone, email or Whatsapp.

Q3. Quality Control:

The entire production process will be subject to regular inspections and strict quality control. The complete machines will be tested before leaving the factory to ensure they can work well. Our machines have passed CE certification, comply with European and American standards, and are exported to more than 100 countries.

Q4. Do you arrange the shipment of the machine?

Yes, dear customers, we will arrange FOB or CIF prices for you.

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Device ModelRL-F1000RL-F1500RL-F2000
Laser wavelength1080(±10)nm
Laser power1000W1500W2000W
Adjustable spot size0.1-2mm
Pulse Width1-10ms
Repeat frequency1000.0~5000.0Hz 
Laser modeSingle-mode/Multi-mode (optional)
Operating modeContinuous
Gross power consumption3.5KW5KW6.5KW
Cooling methodWater cooling
Aiming and positioningCCD monitoring system
Control modeAD
Mechanical module3-axis linkage (optional)
Maximum size of workpiece200x200/300x300 mm (optional)
System languageChinese/English
Power supplyAC220V ± 5%, 50Hz/ 60HzAC220V ± 5%, 50Hz/ 60HzAC380V ± 5%, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Working environmentTemperature10-35℃/Humidity< 90%
Net weight300kg
Gross weight380kg
Equipment size1080x1000x650 mm

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