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Portable UV Laser Marking Machine With Keyboard


Ultraviolet laser marking machine uses 355nm UV laser as the light source. The machine uses third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology. Small size, can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and has little influence on the processing heat, it is mainly used for superfine marking, engraving, cutting.

Portable UV Laser Marking Machine with Keyboard

Product Description

RL-UV3 has a compact structure and is extremely convenient for installation and debugging. The built-in laser diode technology is used to avoid the influence of fiber jitter on the output laser. In addition, the beam quality is excellent enough to ensure the stability and reliability of mass production.



Product Features

1.Cold processing marking: Zero processing heat-affected zone, there will be no thermal effect and no material burning problem.

2. Fast marking speed and high efficiency; the whole machine has the advantages of stable performance and low power consumption.

3. Portable: small size and light weight.

4. Convenient Operation:Convenient data processing with dedicated laser marking software.

5. High processing accuracy: Due to the extremely small focus spot of the ultraviolet laser, marking is more refined, suitable for ultra-fine marking environment.


It is widely used in electronic components, battery chargers, household appliances, mobile phone accessories and communication products. Wood furniture industry, mold industry, clothing industry and artwork industry.


Packaging & Shipping


Service Time24 hours waiting for you
Fast Response2 hours within our work time,12 hours get off work
Warranty1 year. Free parts replacement in normal operation 
MOQ1 piece, You can mix your order freely

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1ModelRL-UV 3
2Laser wavelength355nm
3Average power> 3W@40kHz
4Pulse Repetition Rate20kHz-200kHz
5Pulse Width<18ns@ 40kHz
6Pulse to pulse stability<3%rms
7Beam-pointing Stability25μrad
8Beam Roundness>90%
9Beam diameter0.7±0.1mm
10Beam Divergence<2mrad
11Ambient temperature0-40℃
12CoolingAir cooling
13Power consumption<800W

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