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3W-5W Portable UV Tabletop Laser Marking Machine


The UV laser marking machine with full closed cabinet is equipped with safety shield, can effectively isolate the purple radiation, to ensure the safety of UV marker operators. At the same time UV laser marking machine equipped with a professional water cooling machine, air-cooled water circulation cooling, with water-cooled high efficiency and air-cooled small size.


Portable UV Tabletop Laser Marking Machine

Product Description

One-piece design, the internal drive circuit board is integrated, and the laser output can be obtained by connecting the external 12V power supply. Without adjusting frame manufacturing process, the laser has stable mechanical performance and can run stably for a long time.

Product Features

1.All-in-one design

2.Remote computer control

3.External TTL and PWM control

4.Adjustable repetition frequency 20-200kHz


1. Cold processing marking: no thermal effect and material burning problem.

2. Strong mechanical stability

3. Strong resistance to external temperature interference

4. Good beam quality

5. High long-term work stability


1. Laser Marking

2. Micro hole machining

3. Ceramic cutting

4. Thin film etching

5. Wafer cutting




Packaging & Shipping

After-sales Service

1. We will supply instant online service to foreign customers. According to foreign customer's requirement, we are able to arrange for technicans to go abord to install or maintain the machine.

2. We offer free replacement within one year warranty if any damage under normal using condition.

3. We will offer software upgrade for free for life.

4. We will regularly evaluate the staff's service attitude to improve service quality.

Wavelength355nm 355nm
Output power>3W@30KHz>5W@40KHz
Maximum pulse energy0.1mJ@30KHz0.12mJ@40KHz
Pulse Repetition Frequency1-150KHz1-150KHz
Pulse duration<15ns@30KHz<18ns@40KHz
Average power stability<3%<3%
Spatial modeTEM00 (M²< 1.5)TEM00 (M²< 1.5)
Polarization ratio>100:1 Horizontal>100:1 Horizontal
1/e2 beam diameter at output0.7mm0.8mm
Beam circularity>90%>90%