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50W Enclosed Cabinet Fiber Laser Engraving Machine CCD Preview

50W Enclosed Cabinet Fiber Laser Engraving Machine CCD Preview


High speed Mini/Portable/Desktop/ fiber laser marking laser marking machine The fiber laser marking machine is marked with a laser beam on a variety of different material surfaces. Marking effect is through the surface of the material evaporation of deep material, which engraved exquisite patterns, trademarks and text, the current fiber laser marking machine is mainly used in some requirements more sophisticated, more accurate occasions. Used in electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, metal products, tool accessories, precision instruments,watches and clocks, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic keys, building materials, PVC pipe.

Product Introduction

Adding a closed structure to the workbench can meet higher production safety requirements. The whole machine of RL-50E consists of power supply, laser source (air-cooled), marking control software, and galvanometer scanning system. It can be equipped with vision system and auto focus system.


1) Good scanning galvanometer, good sealing, small size and compact structure.

2) Good controller, USB interface, fast and stable transmission, can be used with laptop computers.

3) High precision: up to 0.0012mm, bringing you dreamy and satisfactory marking results.

4) Strong compatibility: TTF font, SHX, BMP, DXF, AI, PLT and other format files are exported from CorelDraw, PS, AutoCAD, etc.

5) Integrated air cooling system, no coolant is required.

6) Depth marking: maximum 1.2mm stainless steel, suitable for industries that require high precision and depth marking effect.





Average output power


Marking Deapth




Laser length

1064 nm


Dual-red light focusing

Pedal control


Cooling method


Control system


Standard Marking Area

150mmx150mm (customized)

Gross weight (with packaging)

90 kg

Package Size

72*42*74 cm



Metals and alloys (carbon steel/mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc, etc.), rare metal and alloy steel (gold, silver, titanium, etc.) and some non-metal (plastic, PMMA, etc.), special surface treatment (aluminum anodized, plating surface, surface oxygen breaking of aluminum and magnesium alloy).




After-sale Service

1.*Before delivering the machine, we will test 18 hours, so you can use it directly when you get machine.
2.*If you have problems while using, 24 hours online professional advice available.
3.*Lifetime software free upgrades.
4.*Fiber laser source we warranty for 3 years ,the other parts warranty for 2 years.
5.*Express delivery to door service

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