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20mm Galvanometer Laser Machine Spare Parts Galvo Scanner


20mm Galvanometer(Laser Part) Product details Technical Parameters Driver Board Specification of scan galvo laser Lens cleaning

20mm Galvo Scanner(Laser Part)

Product description

The input aperture of this galvanometer is 20mm, which is used in optical scanning, laser marking and other industries. This model is designed for high-speed applications.

Advanced servo control algorithm and high positioning accuracy. Through strict material control, advanced manufacturing technology, dust-free factory and long-term aging test to ensure the stable performance of the system.

This galvanometer has the characteristics of zero drift, fast speed, low temperature, compact structure, convenient installation and strong anti-interference ability.


Technical Parameters

Marking speed800mm/s
Positioning speed600mm/s
Write speed53cps
Step response time (1% of full scale)1172us
Step response time (10% of full scale)1332us
Tracking error≤520us

Accuracy and error
Gain error<5mRad.
Zero offset (batch origin error)<5mRad.
Long time drift (8 hours of continuous work)<0.5mRad.
Scale drift<40PPM/℃
Zero drift<15μRad./℃

Lens damage threshold
K9 matrix9.1J/cm^2
Si substrate10J/cm^2
Lens reflection wavelength10600nm / 1064nm / 355nm

Power and signal
Input voltage±24VDC
Rated current4A
Interface ProtocolXY2-100
Mechanical scanning angle±11°

Working current, temperature, size
Operating temperature0℃~45℃
storage temperature-10℃~60℃
Laser input aperture20mm
Galvanometer size (length × width × height)186x145x156mm
Galvo weight≈3.85Kg



Lens cleaning

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