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10mm Galvanometer Laser Parts Galvo Scan Head


10mm Galvanometer(Laser Part) Product details Technical Parameters Driver Board Specification of scan galvo laser Lens cleaning

10mm Galvanometer(Laser Part)

Product details

A Galvo Scan Head (or called laser marking head, laser scanner) consists of two scan mirrors, two galvanometers (or called galvo-scanner motor) & drive cards, an X-Y mount, a scanning lens, an interface card (or called D/A card), a set of marking software and a DC power supply. Two types of scanning optics for CO2 and Fiber or Nd:YAG lasers are available.


1. The most cost-effective high speed scan galvo laser.
2. The input aperture of scan galvo laser is 10 mm.
3. Scan galvo laser has a superior performance of zero drift, higher speed, smaller size, and stronger anti-interference.

Technical Parameters

Typical Scan Angle±0.35rad
Tracking error0.16ms
Repeatability< 20urad
Gain drift< 50ppm/K
Zero drift < 15urad/K
Long-term drift over 8 h< 30mrad
Marking speed2m/s
Positioning speed10m/s
Power Requirements ±15VDC, max.3A each
Reflection wavelength10600/1064/532/355nm
Operating temperature25℃±10℃

Driver Board Specification of scan galvo laser

Input Voltage ±15V/DC
Interface Signals Digital XY2-100
Position Signal Input Resistance 1K±1% Ω
Position Signal Input Scale Factor 0.5V/°
Position Signal Output Scale Factor 0.5V/°
Working Temperature 0-45°Motor
Packafe Diameter(cm)28*28*20 

Lens cleaning

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