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What is the Magical Use of UV Lasers in Jewelry Processing?

Nov 27, 2020

Because of its high hardness, small size and high price, jewelry often has high requirements on processing technology. Nowadays, many jewelry processing and marking are generally completed by laser technology. Ultraviolet lasers can quickly destroy the chemical bonds of substances directly through the cold processing process, and will not generate any heat to the object and the surrounding environment during the whole process, which provides more possibilities for processing objects of different materials. Compared with traditional jewelry marking technology, its main advantages are:

  1. Using computer control, it is easier to change graphics

  2. Using laser processing to describe finely, adapt to the high-efficiency and fast-paced requirements of modern production

  3.  It can be applied to more refined micromachining.

  4. The processing method is flexible and suitable for any batch production

  5. Environmental protection, no pollution

  6. Its powerful energy output and extremely high peak power greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the damage rate.


At the same time, for jewelry of different materials, UV laser has the advantage of protecting the material. For example, for the crystal clear but fragile jade, the ultraviolet technology is used for engraving production, because the surface temperature of the jade will not be too high, it will not cause damage to the jade, and it has the characteristics of fast engraving speed, high efficiency and simple operation.


Jade products are widely used in handicrafts, necklaces, jade articles, bracelets, jade jewelry, etc., these products are engraved with some words, patterns, symbols, etc., and now they are all laser engraved. The signs  will not fade and never fall off ; It can be engraved without ink; the engraving speed is fast and the operation is simple. It only takes 1-5 seconds to complete a LOGO trademark.