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What is laser engraving?

Dec 10, 2018

Mainly on the surface of the object, divided into bitmap carving and vector engraving two kinds: Bitmap engraving: We first put the graphics we need to carve in PHOTOSHOP and convert them into monochrome BMP format, and then open the graphics file in a dedicated laser engraving and cutting software.

According to the materials we process we can make the appropriate parameter settings, and then click to run, the laser engraving machine will be based on the graphics file produced by the dot-matrix effect of carving.

Vector engraving: The use of vector software such as Coreldraw,autocad,iluustrator layout design, and the graphics exported to PLT,DXF,AI format, marking machine, and then with special laser cutting engraving software to open the graphics file, transmitted to the laser engraving machine for processing. In the advertising industry is mainly applicable to wood, double-color board, plexiglass, color paper and other materials processing.