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What Are the Characteristics of YAG Laser?

Jan 29, 2021

YAG laser is a solid-state laser based on yttrium aluminum garnet crystal. The chemical formula of yttrium aluminum garnet is Y3Al5O15, abbreviated as YAG. Like other solid-state lasers, the basic components of YAG lasers are laser working material, pump source and resonator.


80W YAG laser welder


120W YAG laser welder


100W YAG laser welder

YAG laser is suitable for laser cutting, welding and drilling of metal materials: such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and alloys, copper and alloys, titanium and alloys, nickel-molybdenum alloys and other materials. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, petrochemicals, medical, instrumentation, microelectronics, automobiles and other industries, which not only improves processing quality, but also improves work efficiency. In addition, YAG lasers can also provide a precise and fast research method for scientific research.

Compared with other lasers, YAG lasers can work in both pulse and continuous modes. Its pulse output can be obtained by Q-switching and mode-locking technology to obtain short pulses and ultra-short pulses, so that its processing range is larger than that of CO2 lasers. The output wavelength of YAG laser is 1.06um, which is smaller than that of CO2 laser, so it has high coupling efficiency with metal and good processing performance. The most important thing is that the YAG laser can be coupled with the optical fiber. With the help of time division and power division multiplex system, a laser beam can be easily transmitted to multiple stations or remote distance stations, which is convenient for laser processing to achieve flexibility.