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What A 3D-Cutting Robot Looks Like?

Aug 19, 2020

The robotic arm rotates 360 degrees, and is matched with the laser machine, suitable for processing workpieces of any shape.

Cutting robot arm.png

1. Processing area (l×w×h): 2800mm×1600mm×400mm (the specific cutting area is related to the shape and height of the workpiece)

 2. The effective working radius of the robot: 1800mm

 3. Repeated positioning accuracy of the robot: ±0.08mm

 4. Maximum positioning speed: 30m/min

 5. Maximum load of worktable: 200kg

 6. Power supply: three-phase four-wire system AC380(±10%)V, 50Hz

 7. Total power protection level: IP54

 8. Main processing parts: three-dimensional parts

 9. Plate thickness: ≤5mm carbon steel plate

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