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Ultraviolet (nanosecond/picosecond) Precision Cutting Machine

Sep 10, 2020

Equipment introduction:

Developed for the fine cutting of the circuit board industry in the 3C electronics industry, using the original laser and a reasonably optimized optical path focusing structure, with a linear motor motion platform, equipped with an ideal electronic control system and professional visual positioning and cutting control software.


Equipment advantages:

1. Using marble precision platform, stable bearing and corrosion resistance;

2. Use linear motor with optical ruler to drive the processing platform, simple maintenance and stable precision;

3. Single-head and double-platform, support one-platform feeding-platform cutting during the cutting process, which saves the loading and unloading time, realizes the seamless work of the equipment, and significantly improves the efficiency;

4. High-power laser, fast processing speed, high stability and long service life;

5. The galvanometer scanning head has low temperature drift and stable accuracy after long-term use;

6. Adopt high negative pressure air machine to adsorb and fix the product to ensure positioning stability;

7. Built-in power regulator to protect the safety of equipment and electrical appliances, stable and reliable;

8. Equipped with automatic alignment CCD and vision lens, which can accurately identify various marking points;


1. It is widely used in the fine cutting of FPC, PCB, MICRO SD (TF) cards and other circuit boards;

2. Set depth digging, drilling, etc.;

3. Cutting camera module, fingerprint recognition module, etc.;

4. Cover film cutting, wafer cutting, etc.

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