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Specification for operation of laser welding machines

Mar 19, 2019

1th: We should carefully read the instruction manual and operate the laser welding machine in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure equipment and personal safety.

2nd: Laser welding machine Circulating water must be kept clean, otherwise, will affect the output size of the laser, users can be based on the boot time, water quality and other status, to determine the replacement of cooling water cycle, generally speaking summer than the winter water change cycle is shorter.

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3rd: Laser Welding machine shell needs to be added to the safety grounding, during the operation, do not use the eyes to face the laser beam, and do not let the body (such as hand) contact with the laser beam, so as not to cause harm.

4th: Pay attention to maintain the environment and the cleaning of laser welding machine, should always check whether the laser rod and optical elements are contaminated.

5th: If you need to repair the laser welding machine, we must power off, and to determine that the charge on the energy storage capacitor has been released, can be carried out, so as not to cause electric shock accident. If an anomaly occurs during operation, a power outage (press Emergency shutdown and air switch) is required for inspection.

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