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Prospect of welding automation technology

Feb 06, 2019

The development of electronic technology, computer microelectronics residence and automation technology has promoted the development of welding automation technology.

In particular, the introduction of CNC technology, flexible manufacturing technology and information processing technology and other unit technology has promoted the revolutionary development of welding automation technology. (1) Intelligent welding Process Control system is one of the core problems of welding automation, and it is also an important direction for us to carry out research in the future. We should conduct research on the best control methods, including linear and various nonlinear controls.

The most representative is the fuzzy control of welding process, neural network control, as well as the research of expert system. (2) Welding flexible technology is also the content of our efforts to study. In the future research, we will be a variety of light, machine, electrical technology and welding technology organic combination, in order to achieve the accuracy of welding and flexibility. The transformation of traditional welding process equipment with microelectronic technology is the fundamental way to improve the light level of welding automation.

It is our current research direction to combine CNC technology with all kinds of welding machinery and equipment in order to improve its flexibility level. In addition, the combination of welding robot and expert system to realize automatic path planning, automatic correction trajectory, automatic control of melting depth and other functions, is the focus of our research. (3) The integration of welding control system is the integration of man and technology and the integration of welding technology and information technology. The flow of information and material flow in the integrated system is an important part of it, and promoting its organic combination can greatly reduce the requirement of information quantity and real-time control.

Pay attention to give full play to the people in the control and airport processing of the response and judgment ability, the establishment of man-machine Christmas friendly interface, so that people and automatic system harmonious unity, is the integration of the system can not be underestimated factors. (4) To improve the reliability of welding power supply, quality stability and control, as well as excellent dynamic, but also we focus on the subject. The development of high-performance welding machine with adjustable arc movement, wire feed and welding gun attitude, can detect the opening of weld slope, temperature field, melting pool state and penetration, timely provision of welding specification parameters, and should actively develop the computer simulation technology of welding process. So that welding technology from  "technology " to  "scientific " evolution of the roller to achieve welding automation an important aspect. The first ten years of this century will be a favorable period for the rapid development of the welding industry. Our vast number of welding workers have a long way to go, it is important to establish the determination of the difficulty. Seize the opportunity and strive for the improvement of welding automation level in China.