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Present situation and prospect of welding automation technology

Feb 01, 2019

With the increasing maturity of digital technology, digital welding machine and digital control technology representing the dynamic ground connection technology have steadily entered the market. The Three Gorges Project, west-to-East gas transmission project, aerospace engineering, ship engineering and other large-scale national basic projects have effectively promoted the development and progress of advanced welding, especially welding automation technology.

The manufacture of automobiles and parts requires rapid changes in the degree of automation of welding. China's welding industry gradually towards  "efficient, automated, intelligent ." China's welding automation rate is less than 30%, with the developed industrial countries 80% gap is far away. From 20th century, the country gradually in various industries to promote the automatic welding of the basic welding mode-gas protection welding, to replace the traditional manual arc welding, has begun to bear fruit. It can be expected that in the future, domestic automated welding technology will develop at an unprecedented rate.