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Portable Artifact When Going Out---Small Laser Marking Machine

Jan 06, 2021

     Small laser marking machines are very popular. Since the birth of the laser marking machine, the price has gradually become closer to the people, which is acceptable to small and medium-sized enterprises and allows some individuals to invest. Due to the wide variety of laser marking machines with different shapes, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we have carried out the following main classifications of laser marking machines. This article focuses on the characteristics of the small laser marking machine and its application in practice.

    From the appearance of the application, laser marking machines can be divided into the following categories: 1.Portable; 2.Hand-held; 3.Split portable; 4. Closed; 5. Desktop. The first three are portable small laser marking machines. Of course, customized models can also be designed according to customer needs.



50w laser marker.jpg



Split portable


4. Closed

laser engraving machine 50W.jpg

5. Desktop

  Small laser marking machine is mainly used for small products or customers with small office space. The main advantage is that it is portable and occupies a small space, but the performance is the same as the general desktop laser marking machine, and it is more suitable for workers who often go out.