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Performance Characteristics of Hand-held Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Jul 16, 2019

1. Hand-held welding gun replaces the fixed optical path before, which is more flexible and convenient, realizes long-distance laser welding, and overcomes the limitation of worktable travel space.

2. Hand-held welding joints are light and flexible, easy to operate, and can meet the requirements of welding at various angles and positions.

3. The hand-held welding head can be equipped with imported optical fibers of 5 meters/10 meters, which is flexible and convenient for outdoor welding.

4. Infrared positioning is used to correct the position of welded joints and verify the position of welded joints. The position of welded joints is more accurate and the weld seam is more beautiful.

5. Laser welding is deep and firm.

6. It is not easy to deform and grind and polish. It solves the problems of welding penetration, welding nodule and welding quality when argon arc welding is used.

7. It is also suitable for spot welding of various complex welds and devices.