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Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Jul 23, 2019

welding sample,1.pngStainless steel is one of the better materials for laser welding. Riselaser's laser welding machine fundamentally changes the defects caused by the traditional welding process, such as product deformation, blackening, weak welding, high welding cost and time-consuming and labor-intensive welding. Laser welding technology in high-end stainless steel products such as stainless steel sanitary ware, stainless steel sheets and stainless steel tube products has been widely used. Laser welding can be easily automated according to customer requirements, and the machine has long durability, such as mass production of products. Undoubtedly a big advantage. Compared with the traditional welding process, low-power pulsed laser seam welding has the advantages of high power density, energy concentration, small heat input, narrow weld bead and small deformation, and the laser beam can be focused to obtain a small spot and can be precisely positioned. These features make laser seam welding more suitable for welding small workpieces than other welding methods.