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Leather Laser Cutting Machine for Excellence

Feb 24, 2021

     People no longer just take the source of leather materials as the only criterion to measure the value of the item. Design concepts, production methods, and craft uses are also important considerations. At present, the leather goods market has a trend of diversification, high-end and popularization. In order to cater to this trend, the replacement of machinery and equipment is particularly important for many manufacturers.


   Laser technology is widely used in the leather goods industry. The cutting, engraving and hollowing of bags, gloves, shoe uppers, leather hats and other leather goods cannot be separated from the modern processing method of laser cutting.


brogue laser engrave.jpg

laser hollow engrave.png

laser hollow engrave2.png

      When cutting, engraving, and hollowing out leather goods in the past, some leather processing machines always have yellow and black cut sections and burnt on the carved surface. What is more fatal is that when hollowing out leather goods, the accuracy of the machine itself cannot Meet the processing requirements, resulting in hollow patterns, patterns and lines are not clear.


     Leather laser cutting machine has good stability, high precision and fast cutting speed. It completely solves the problems caused by traditional cutting tools. The cut samples have no burrs on the corners and delicate patterns.