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Laser Marking Machines Are Widely Used in The Glasses Industry

Dec 04, 2020

In the past, the traditional method of making glasses was mainly ink printing, but it would fall off over time, which would seriously affect the appearance of the product. Therefore, many manufacturers began to use laser marking machines, and the marking patterns on the glasses would be permanently clear and beautiful. , Does not fade or fall off.


The laser beam output is of good quality, high photoelectric conversion rate, simple operation, good optical quality, high accuracy, and can engrave metal and certain non-metal materials. The control software can bring more refined graphics and word processing to the composition, and can also convey more product information through the QR code symbol.


The materials of the glasses frame are mainly metal and non-metal materials, and the laser marking accuracy can reach micrometers, which makes the glasses more fashionable, more advanced technology, improved product recognition ability and brand influence, and can help consumers better identify Brand and production information of the glasses.


At the same time, in order for many glasses manufacturers to print identification information on the frame, the most frequently used laser marking equipment in the glasses industry is fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine. As for which laser marking machine to choose, it needs to be based on the glasses material. Test, because each laser marking machine has its own characteristics and practicality.