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Introduction to Laser Cleaning machine

Feb 21, 2019

Laser Ultrasonic Cleaning technology as a new type of cleaning technology, due to its many advantages, the application prospects are very broad. After more than more than 10 years of research, laser ultrasonic cleaning applications have been relatively extensive, involving the machinery industry, microelectronics industry and art cleaning and so on. Laser Ultrasonic Cleaning in the cleaning of cultural relics, paint removal rust, microelectronics and other aspects of the application, laser Ultrasonic cleaning can also be used in many other areas, such as cleaning tire molds, optical materials surface, some building materials and so on.

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Laser Ultrasonic Cleaning process can remove all organic materials, compared with traditional cleaning technology, there are incomparable advantages, cleaning safety and reliability in industrial applications have been proved. Laser cleaning is a promising technology, and with further scientific research and industrial practice, it is believed that this technology will be more and more widely used in various fields.