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How to Use Laser Welding Machine Safely?

Mar 15, 2021

1. Preparations before starting the laser welding machine

Check whether the power supply of the laser welding machine and the water circulation are normal; check whether the gas connection of the equipment in the machine is normal; check whether the surface of the machine is free of dust, spots, oil, etc.

2. Turn on/off the laser welding machine

Turn on the laser welding machine: turn on the power, turn on the main power switch; turn on the water cooler, laser generator, etc. in order; turn on the argon valve to adjust the gas flow; enter the current working parameters to be executed; perform the welding operation.

Laser welding machine shutdown: exit the program, turn off the laser generator; turn off the dust collector, water cooler and other equipment in order; turn off the argon cylinder valve; turn off the main power switch.

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3. During the use of the laser welding machine

During the operation, if you encounter an emergency (water leakage, abnormal sound from the laser, etc.), you need to press the emergency stop immediately and quickly cut off the power; you must turn on the external circulation water switch of the laser welding before the operation. Because the laser system adopts water cooling method and the laser power supply adopts air cooling method, if the cooling system fails, it is strictly forbidden to start working.

Do not disassemble any parts of the machine at will, do not weld when the safety door of the machine is open, and it is strictly forbidden to look directly at the laser or reflect the laser while the laser is working, and use your eyes to face the laser welding head to avoid eye injury;

Do not place flammable and explosive materials on the laser light path or the place where the laser beam can be irradiated, so as to avoid fire and explosion.

When the laser welding machine is working, the circuit is in a state of high voltage and high current. It is strictly forbidden to touch the circuit components in the machine during work; untrained personnel are prohibited from operating the machine.

The laser welding machine is highly automated and the welding process is simple. The non-contact operation method can meet the requirements of cleanliness and environmental protection. Using laser welding machine to process the workpiece can improve work efficiency. The finished workpiece has a beautiful appearance, small weld seam, large welding depth and high welding quality. Laser welding machines are widely used in the processing of dental dentures, keyboard welding, silicon steel sheet welding, sensor welding, battery sealing cover welding and so on.