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How to Finely Cut FPC Sheets?

Sep 04, 2020

Precision cutting machine

Equipment introduction:

The precision cutting machine is developed for fine cutting in the 3C electronic industry circuit board industry and the new energy industry. It adopts advanced laser and reasonably optimized optical path focusing structure with linear motor motion platform, and is equipped with a stable electric control system and professional visual positioning and cutting control software. The equipment integrates sheet-to-sheet, roll-to-sheet, and roll-to-roll three-in-one cutting functions. Customers can choose the required functions according to their needs.


Equipment advantages:

1. Professional cutting software, built-in laser interference positioning accuracy compensation, supports automatic expansion and contraction calculation, and is easy to learn and use.

2. Using natural marble platform, ground to micron level flatness, stable load bearing and good durability;

3. Using linear motor and optical ruler to drive the processing platform, easy to maintain, long life and high precision;

4. Imported high-power laser, with fast processing speed, high stability and long service life;

5. Imported galvanometer scanning head, low temperature drift in long-term use;

6. Adopt high negative pressure air machine to adsorb and fix the product to ensure positioning stability;

7. Built-in power regulator to protect the safety of equipment and electrical appliances, stable and reliable;

8. Equipped with automatic alignment CCD and vision lens, which can accurately identify various marking points;


PI film coil, CVL, FR4, ADH, FPC sheet and other circuit boards such as fine cutting, digging grooves, drilling, etc.