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How to Drain the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine And Add Antifreeze

Aug 03, 2020

Water cooler for fiber laser cutting machine and main drainage parts of water tank: water tank, pipeline, water pump head, filter, deionization tank (optional)

1. Disconnect the power supply of the equipment involved in the drainage.

2. Water tank drainage method: Open the drain valve at the bottom of the water tank, and if necessary, tilt the water cooler to a certain angle to make the drainage cleaner.

3. Drainage in pipelines and lasers: first unplug all water pipes, and then blow compressed air from the drainage inlet and outlet of the pipeline for 1 minute to press the water in the pipeline back to the water tank.

4. Unscrew the filter element in the refrigerator and drain the water in the filter element.

5. Open the water tank cover and observe whether there is water remaining in the water tank. If so, tilt the chiller slightly to make the water run out or use a dry towel to soak up the water.

6. Drain the pump head of the water pump: unscrew the drain screw under the water pump to drain the water in the pump. It is recommended to use compressed air to blow out the residual water in the pump head, and then tighten the drain screw.

7. Drainage of filter and deionization tank: Open the drain valve or plexiglass shell at the bottom of the filter and deionization tank to drain the residual water.


About the conditions and methods of adding antifreeze to cooling water

1. Prepare antifreeze(ethylene glycol).

2. The volume ratio of ethylene glycol and deionized water is 3:7.

3. Antifreeze must be added when the ambient temperature is below zero.

4. Please distinguish between ethylene glycol and ethanol (alcohol).