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How to Cut Sapphire Material?

Sep 03, 2020

Picosecond cutting machine

Equipment introduction:

The emergence of laser scribing machine has brought about a big change in the LED industry. The scribing efficiency and effect are more than 50% higher than traditional surface cutting technology. This device has greatly improved the control of the thermal radiation effect of the laser and the control of the pulse width. The pulse width is less than 10ps, and the laser spot roundness is greater than 95%. It is based on a dynamic focus composed of an ultra-high-speed displacement sensor and a PI nano motor. The follow-up system is the highlight of this device. At the same time, the two-axis linkage of the motion platform is realized on this device, and the processing efficiency is improved by more than 30%.


Equipment usage and main advantages:


1. Straight-line cutting of wafers with sapphire material substrate in LED lighting, LED display and other industries.

2. The linear cutting of coated glass (filter) in the camera industry is suitable for linear processing of ordinary glass or transparent materials within 1mm in the electronics, medical, and display industries.

Main advantages: The smallest equipment size in the industry, high efficiency, low error rate, beautiful software operation interface, humanized design, and quick response to client software upgrade requirements.