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How to Cut Micro-meter Holes on Materials?

Sep 02, 2020

Femtosecond drilling machine

Equipment introduction:

The equipment is a special equipment for drilling micro-cylindrical holes. By changing the inclination angle of the processing light and combining the characteristics of high-speed drilling with rotating light, the equipment can achieve zero taper, negative taper and positive taper drilling, specially designed for drilling fineness of 30μm-1.5mm Small holes, with fine drilling, high efficiency, and no chipping. The equipment is equipped with X-Y-Z three-dimensional worktable and supports CCD control, which can be used for large-format mobile counter-drilling.

Equipment advantages:

1. Laser non-contact drilling, no consumables;

2. It can be used for micron-level zero taper, positive taper, and negative taper drilling;

3. Fast drilling speed and wide application range.


Application scope:

1. Drilling of ceramics and silicon wafers;

2. Glass and sapphire drilling;

3. Drilling nozzles in the automotive industry;

4. Drilling of aerospace materials;

5. Drilling holes for electronic PCB and other circuit boards;

6. Drilling of materials in textile and medical industries.