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Do Not Choose Inferior Protective Lenses for Laser Cutting Heads

Dec 23, 2020

The laser cutting head is used in a harsh environment. In order to protect the internal optical path and core components, especially the expensive parts such as collimation and focusing lens, the cutting head must be equipped with upper and lower protective lenses. Dust and splashes generated on the surface of the workpiece during the cutting process should enter The cutting head will cause serious damage to the focusing lens, and the lower protective lens can block these dust and splashes.


The cleanliness of the protective lens directly affects the processing performance and quality of the laser cutting machine. If the lens is dirty, it will not only affect the cutting effect and efficiency, but will also further cause the internal parts of the cutting head and the laser output head to burn out. Therefore, it is necessary to use good materials and transparency. The protective lens with high light rate and low coefficient of thermal expansion needs to be cleaned or replaced when the lens is dirty during processing.


There are special process requirements for the processing of protective lenses. In order to reduce costs, ordinary base materials are used for inferior protective lenses. The coating process is not guaranteed. The light transmittance is poor, heat-resistant, easy to break, and cannot withstand the penetrating power of the laser. , The broken lens will contaminate the entire cutting head, which will damage the core high-value components including the focusing lens and sensors. The maintenance cost will be as high as 20-50% of the price of the new cutting head, and it will delay the terminal production and processing, causing great economic losses .

Poor quality protective lens is easy to cause adverse effects

1. The thermal lens effect causes the focus of the cutting head to drift

2. Burn point/burn through the protective lens

3. Focusing lens burned out

4. The laser output head is burned out