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Common Troubleshooting of CO2 Laser Tube

Mar 07, 2021

Ⅰ.The notch is not deep:

    1. The scratches become shallow immediately after starting: first check whether the supporting point of the laser tube is reasonable, whether the light intensity is set too small, whether the optical path is offset, whether the focal length is correct, whether there are scratches, dirt, and cooling water on the surface of the ytterbium sheet If the flow and pressure of the laser tube are normal, check whether there are scratches and dirt on the lens in the light exit of the laser tube if the above items are no problem. If it is normal, then it is the quality problem of the laser tube itself.

     2. The nicks become shallower after a period of time after starting: This problem is to check whether the support point of the laser tube is reasonable, whether the water temperature exceeds 30 degrees, whether the lens is heated during work, whether the flow and pressure of the cooling water is normal, and whether the cooling water Clean, the above is normal and then check the laser tube.

Ⅱ. High-voltage ignition and discharge: Check whether there is dirt and moisture around the high-voltage head, and whether it is too close to the metal part of the machine; the other is whether the high-voltage connection device of the laser power supply has fallen from the support, and whether the internal high-voltage connection device is disconnected and damage. If the above is normal, then the quality of the laser tube itself is a problem.

Ⅲ. The laser tube is broken, cracked, and the water-cooled head falls off:

   1. Whether the water temperature is controlled within the range of 25℃-30℃, the cooling water in cold areas must not freeze, especially after the laser is shut down, the cooling water must not be stored in the laser tube.

   2. Whether the luminescence works under the control of water protection; (test whether the luminescence will glow or not with the water on and off)

   3. Is there any phenomenon that the water pipes in the waterway will be broken?

   4. Whether there are bubbles in the laser tube.

   5. Whether the water pressure and water flow are normal; whether the water flow direction is low in and high out.

   6. The quality of the laser tube itself.