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Brief introduction of Laser cutting machine

Dec 03, 2018

First of all, the energy of the laser in the form of light concentrated into a high-density beam, beam transmission to the working surface, generating enough heat, so that the material melting, coupled with the beam coaxial high-pressure gas directly remove the molten metal, thus achieving the purpose of cutting, which shows that laser cutting and machine tool machining has an essential difference. It is the use of laser beam emitted from the laser generator, through the optical circuit system, focusing on the high power density of the laser beam irradiation conditions, laser heat absorbed by the workpiece material, the workpiece temperature rose sharply, after reaching the boiling point, the material began to vaporize and form a hole, accompanied by high-pressure airflow, with the beam and the workpiece relative position movement, Finally, the material forms a cut seam.

The process parameters (cutting speed, laser power, gas pressure, etc.) and motion trajectory are controlled by the CNC system, and the slag at the cutting seam is blown apart by the auxiliary gas with a certain pressure. In carbon dioxide laser cutting machine technology, carbon dioxide gas is the medium that produces laser beam. However, fiber optic lasers are transmitted through diodes and fibre-optic cables. The fiber optic laser system generates a laser beam through multiple diode pumps and then transmits it to the laser cutting head via a flexible fiber optic cable instead of transmitting the beam through a mirror. This has many advantages, first of all, the size of the cutting bed. In gas laser technology, the reflector must be set within a certain distance, and its different, optical fiber laser technology has no range limit. And even the fiber laser can be installed next to the plasma cutting head of the ionic cutting bed, carbon dioxide laser cutting technology has no option. Similarly, when compared to gas cutting systems of the same power, the system becomes more compact due to the ability of the fiber to bend.

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