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Application of Laser Marking Technology in Mobile Phone Camera Module Industry

Jul 03, 2019

The built-in camera/camera module of the mobile phone. It mainly includes lens, imaging chip COMS, PCB/FPC circuit board, and connectors connected with mobile phone motherboard. Installed directly on the motherboard of the mobile phone, with the corresponding software can be driven.

Camera module manufacturers want to ensure a large number of stable shipments on the premise of ensuring the quality of production, while meeting the monitoring of production batches, production suppliers, production quality control, and finally to form the promotion of the company's brand image, which requires a new process - laser marking application to solve.


Riselaser marker.jpg

The laser marking machine marks each camera module with a clear and readable two-dimensional code, which is passed to the next process, and is identified by the smart camera and associated with the internal system, which can effectively realize the inquiry to the production supplier and the process of the production process. The problems generated in the control are controlled. The most important thing is to retain such information after shipment, so that customers can know the details of the product, understand the production batch, production date and other important issues, but also contains the company's product information, which plays an important role in product protection and brand promotion.