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Analysis on the function of laser cutting machine

Jan 02, 2019

The birth of laser cutting machine to our industrial development has been unprecedented promotion, if there is no laser cutting machine, we live a lot of complex fashion products will be what? What will happen to our national economy? Everything can't be imagined!

Since laser cutting machine to our economy, life has brought such a big role, about the laser cutting machine of the important role of the various parts, is because of the following role to complete that high-tech products.

1) Machine tool host part: Laser Cutting machine machine tool part, to achieve X, Y, Z axis movement of the mechanical part, including cutting work platform. It is used to place the cut workpiece and can be moved correctly and accurately according to the control program, usually driven by a servo motor.

2) Laser generator: A device that produces a laser light source.

3) Outer light path: Refraction mirror, used to guide the laser direction required. In order for the beam path not to fail, all mirrors are protected by a protective cover and access to a clean positive pressure protection gas to protect the lens from contamination.

4) CNC System: Control machine tool to achieve X, Y, Z axis movement, but also control the output power of the laser.

5) Steady voltage power supply: Connected between the laser, CNC machine tool and power supply system. Mainly plays the role of preventing external power network interference.

6) Cutting head: Mainly includes cavity, focusing lens seat, focusing mirror, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle and other parts. The cutting head drive device is used to drive the cutting head along the Z axis in accordance with the program, which consists of a servo motor and a transmission piece such as a screw or gear.