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Advantages of Laser Cutter and Laser Welder in The Automotive Industry

Jul 14, 2019

Since the explosion of new energy vehicles, the automotive industry has been one of the most widely used fields of laser processing, which mainly focuses on laser cutting and laser welding. Laser cutting includes plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting. For some high-strength steel structural components with complex contours, three-dimensional laser cutting is a very effective means of processing, both technically and economically. . Automobile manufacturing industry is an industry with very concentrated new technology. Laser cutting, as an advanced manufacturing method, is very important in the process of automobile manufacturing and automobile parts manufacturing. Laser cutting technology basically covers all the application fields of automobile manufacturing industry. The application scope of laser cutting technology includes automobile parts, automobile body, automobile door frame, automobile backup box, automobile roof cover and so on. In developed industrial countries such as Europe and America, 60% to 80% of automotive parts are processed by laser. Laser cutting is one of the main laser applications. Laser cutting in automotive industry includes plane plate cutting and three-dimensional pipe cutting.


In the automotive industry, plate cutting volume is relatively large, and the advantages of laser cutting machine are obvious.


1. The cost of laser cutting is 80% of that of traditional cutting. If laser cutting is widely used in China instead of traditional die blanking, a lot of die manufacturing costs can be saved. Laser cutting machine is more flexible for medium and small batches, large area and complex contour shape, which can meet the individual needs and shorten the period.

2. Laser cutting is controlled by computer digitally. It can cut complex patterns accurately, and it is easy to modify with little error.

3. Laser cutting equipment has a large processing surface and can cut the whole plate with blanks, which is not easy for other processing equipment.

4. The dimension accuracy and incision roughness standards of laser cutting are higher than those of general mechanical cutting.

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